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Fontaine Gates and Stop Logs in Dam/Hydro Applications


The Fontaine Series 20 Sluice/Slide Gates and Series 95 Stop Logs are popular choices for customers in small dam and hydro applications. They are most commonly used for level/flood control or the controlled release of water.


The Series 20 gate is solidly constructed of stainless steel, which offers high corrosion and erosion resistance, and features the exclusive Fontaine self-adjusting seals. It’s designed to control water at low head turbine intakes for small hydro applications, providing maintenance free and easy operation. The Series 20 can also be used as a turbine bypass gate for environmental flow control.

The Series 20 is designed for quick and easy installation with various mounting options, and can to be anchored directly to a concrete wall using a ½” thick EPDM gasket to seal between the gate and wall.

Fontaine Series 95 Stop Logs are an easy and economical way to isolate other water control equipment for maintenance or to maintain water level within a small spillway. They can be wall mounted or in-channel type frame, with logs of various heights designed for the particular application. They feature lightweight aluminum or stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and ease of handling.



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