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Series 20 Gates in Dam/Hydro Applications

Series 20 Gates in Dam/Hydro Applications

The Fontaine Series 20 Sluice/Slide Gates are popular choices for customers in small dam and hydro applications. They are most commonly used for level/flood control or the controlled release of water.

The Series 20 is designed for quick and easy installation with various mounting options, and can to be anchored directly to a concrete wall using a ½” thick EPDM gasket to seal between the gate and wall.

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Did you know...?


Why use a stop log?

Stop logs are used for flow and level control in an open channel, river, or canal. The logs are typically placed in embedded slots in the channel, stacking one on top of another. Read more


Need a drawing or specification?

Fontaine offers sample specifications and drawings in the Resources portion of our website. Read more

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